Mommy Cat etching process

About 2 weeks ago people arrived here with a mother cat and her 5 new-born kittens with closed eyes. They all needed homes but someone had to foster them for a while until the kittens were old enough and all of them inoculated.  There are vets who have volunteered to inoculate them for free.  My son, Martin had to look after them. He was thrilled and I was horrified as I already have 5 dogs, 4 are rescues and he has 2 rescue cats.

Since then I have been wondering how these good Samaritans could be helped with funds. I came up with the idea of donating an etching to them that could be raffled.

Either way I thought you could also benefit from the instructions……”’How to make an etching”.

The subject matter is  MOMMY CAT 1 (there may be more!) Have a look at the photo- this has to be transferred to a plate. I use a thin plastic that has to be engraved after the image has been transferred to it. I use an engraving tool to scratch out the image that has been transferred onto the plate. There is a photo of the engraved plate.

The engraving has to be inked with etching ink. The ink has to go into the etched grooves but has to be removed from the surface area.

The plate is placed  (facing upward) on an etching press with a sheet of damp watercolour paper over it.  See the photo.

The bed of the etching press is rolled to allow the paper to be pressed into the inked grooves of the plate.

The image should appear on the paper – see photo.

Once the paper has dried, coloured watercolour is applied

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