Nguni in bush

Nguni’s have attractive hides

I etch many Nguni’s because they are beautiful cattle.  They are indigenous to South Africa and an excellent meat breed. The colour and patterns on their hides have become very sought after. Mats, wall art and handbags are made from the hides. Artists also photograph and paint them.

Rob Evins with Nguni
Rob Evins and some Nguni’s

Rob Evins is my neighbor and a Nguni farmer in Harkerville. He looks after my cottages in Edgewood when I let them out, and sometimes brings the Nguni’s there to graze. While we admire the cattle, he tells me all about them. He told me that the patterns are similar (but not the same) on both sides of the animal. He loves naming them and telling me all about the names and origin.

They rush up to my waterlily dam to quench their thirst. There is an old bath with water in for the cattle, but they seem to prefer the dam.  I would too as the view from up there is lovely and perhaps the water tastes better. The pink waterlilies are also very pretty.

I take many photographs of the Nguni’s and use them for etchings.  These etchings are then taken to a framer near there to frame and sell.

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